Little Red Riding Hood and a gloomy forest


Little Red Riding Hood made her way to her granny to bring her fresh pies, but the girl’s path lay through a gloomy forest, in which the sexual beauty could have problems. Having entered the forest, she went along the path and came across Robin Hood, who offered to protect the girl until she comes to her grandmother.

The blonde was very afraid to go alone, so she agreed to the guy’s proposal, but in return she had to give him a good fuck.

Having brought Robin to orgasm, she was about to move on, but the guy deceived her. He just fucked her and then disappeared into the deep forest. The poor girl was so sad not only because she was cynically used, but also because the path that led to the grandmother completely lost in the grass and our heroine didn’t know the other way.

The forest elf noticed the sad girl, he suggested to deliver the beauty to the destination by means of magic, but for this service the blonde had to suck his cock. This time, the girl wasn’t deceived and she was delivered to her grandmother’s house, where at that moment the werewolf wolf wanted to eat her granny. However, having seen a sexual guest, the beast offered her to have sex in exchange for the old woman’s life. For the whole day, the girl was already used to selling her body, so she easily agreed to have sex with the werewolf.