Life Selector is a great idea of the pornwebsite. It is some kind of mix from genres and meanwhile it is one of my favourite websites, and it speaks about much because I watch a lot of porn. I know that there are already reviews on this website, and you read them, but, really, it is one of the best ones in the world! To transfer the idea of books and to add a cat, dicks, boobs and asses was the brilliant decision.

“You pass to page 200 if you want to lick Mila’s pussy while she sits on your face” except that you should not imagine it because all this is on video.

How it works – you can look on models or such categories as anal, MILF, BDSM, etc. Having found the show which was pleasant to you, you press “Start the game” and the clip of POV is started.

As soon as it comes to an end, various options appear and ask you about how you want to continue: from a breakfast in a bed and blowjob to look on it masturbating in soul and so on. There are even options that are not very standard on the screen – like cum on a face or to lick balls. What would make this website even more surprising, is if they took aboard virtual reality with them an opportunity to choose the interactive pornscenario.